Jane Doe /jān ˈdō/ | noun

 – an anonymous female party, typically the plaintiff (synonym: Chelsea Giorgia)

I get nervous whenever I get asked to describe myself. To others, this would be a simple question that has a quick answer to it. But I always seem to have a difficult time answering. Even writing this seems too difficult for me. So I’ll just have to narrow it down to who I think I really am.

I’m a nineteen-year-old (almost twenty) Filipina. I write. Not a lot. But when I can, I do. I write about random things. Every word that pops into my head or whenever I feel like it, I write. I’m not that good, but I think I’m alright.

I’m that quiet girl you see at church. That girl who would rather stay on the sides and watch everyone have fun. I’m weird, I know. I have a good, not great, long-term memory. Which is both a gift and a curse, because I remember everything. The good, the bad, the better. I rely on my memory like a film that I can watch over and over again. It’s one of the things I most cherish about myself.

This blog would mostly serve as a poem journal. These are the words that pop in my head. I truly don’t know who I am as of now. I’m still figuring everything out. Right now, my plan is to get lost and get found in God.

So there it is. A piece of who I am.